FlowFact CRM Asia

FlowFact is a powerful and easily customizable CRM solution

FlowFact is a powerful and easily customizable CRM solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). It specifically helps you to optimize your relationships with prospects, customers and business partners. FlowFact CRM allows you to identify profitable customers and develop long-term customer loyalty.

FlowFact Universal CRM software can be easily integrated in your existing IT-infrastructure.

FlowFact is continuously evolving to meet your changing requirements. It can be flexibly adjusted to your company’s needs, without specialized programming knowledge.

With over twenty years experience in the efficient organisation of successful customer relationships and structuring of internal workflows, FlowFact CRM software helps your company to successfully manage its customer and business relationships. It increases your company’s success and value over time, develops customer retention and loyalty.


FlowFact Universal CRM keeps customer satisfaction in focus

No matter, in which branch of industry your company is, implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) results in many potential benefits. Good customer and clients are essential for sustainable success - CRM provides needed logic structure to support customer management tasks in best way.


Effective business structure implementation

Create a center hub by linking all of your departments together - This makes targeted and effective customer management possible, allowing you to intensify your relationships with existing customers and acquire new customers. The software helps you to organize your business processes with customers, partners and suppliers. You work will be more efficient and the working tasks stay logic, clear and effective. FlowFact Universal CRM gives you the opportunity to implement additional functions and features as you need, best matching to the individual workflow structure.