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Finance Consulting get support by FlowFact Universal CRM



Josef Bader, Manager, MAGUS Financeconsulting GmbH & Co. KG said:

"MAGUS Financestrategies are a comlex federation of independent finance- and economic consultats. Our goal is to give extensive, individual and independent advices. As we are a center of competence for Investment strategies, we create a complete financing plan for companies, accountants, auditors and private clients. Intensive cooperation with our customer is an important base to construct individual concepts and to arrange the best products of the finance market.

Our office staff uses FlowFact since 2002. After a planning and development phase for about half an year, FlowFact became a important software for our cooperation partners too.

FlowFact is a perfect tool with many various functions, which are essential for many daily administrative tasks. No matter which tasks has to be done - Archiving documents, communication between departments, or accessing contract data details – every tasks can be performed directly in FlowFact. We could even extend FlowFact CRM with some extra functions by implementing navigation elements and scripts.

Now our cooperation partner can submit contracts completely with FlowFact. These special adjustments are very effective and meet exactly the requirements of the complex processes within various departments. FlowFact created a great connection between our sales department and cooperation partners.”

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Satisfied Consultants use FlowFact

Reinhard Sekula, Consultant for entrepreneurs and privat, Chemnitz, said:

“I’m glad that I’ve finally found a software partner, who supports me fast and with quality. I can say that I really recommend FlowFact!”