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Tools & Interfaces

During the years, many ideas found their way into the CRM solution of FlowFact. These ideas were inspired by changing customer expectations and the desire to provide a better service for more success.



Please take a look at our examples and get an idea of which tool can help you and which interface matches your existing IT-infrastructure.

Management Cockpit

Management Cockpit

Effective evaluations support you in your decision-making, sales and planning

The Management Cockpit allows you to monitor your team`s performance. Forecasts, sales management, analyses and reports enable you to make sound decisions, identify opportunities and carry out sales activities with maximum success.

Analysis reports show you immediately, who sold which property at what time.  In this way, you can find out which team members are closing the most contract deals and how long it is taking them.

Lotus Notes Connector

Lotus Notes Connector

Your company is using Lotus Notes?

The Lotus Notes-connector enables information exchange of information between FlowFact and Lotus Notes. It is a  customizable interface letting you decide which information to be transferred. Please contact us for further information.


Microsoft Exchange Interface

Microsoft Exchange Interface

Your company is using Microsoft Exchange?

We provide an interface that enables communication between Microsoft Exchange and FlowFact to provide the best information flow in your company. Please contact us for further information.



Do you cooperate with partners and are looking for an easier way to do so? Integrate the partners into your FlowFact system. With FlowFact Friendlisting property details can be sent via email, imported automatically into FlowFact, and listed in a report of marketing activities.

Joint business with FlowFact is successful business. The business is conducted directly between two partners (no anonymity). You save time, as brochures are sent by email and automatically stored in your partner's system.

Both partners are kept informed of all marketing activities at any time. The reporting of marketing activities is also automated and thus saves time. The initiator of the joint business can view the property's status at all times.

Partners can offer a much wider range of properties if they market them together. Clients can reach a much larger market. The partner can keep his clients up-to-date with activities at all times.

And this is how joint business works with FlowFact Friendlisting:

A property is always sent by the initiating property broker to the business partner by email. The partner stores the property data including pictures in his FlowFact system and can then start marketing it. However, the key to success with Friendlisting lies in the automatic reporting of activities (properties for sale, appointments, etc.). The initial property broker is automatically informed about all of his partner's activities and can report to the client directly. Property price corrections can be justified to the client better when they are backed up by the market experience of all colleagues rather than based on a few prospect
contacts from your own files or marketing database. The property broker always has the personal authority to end the cooperation or to send future property offers to other cooperation partners. Openness has its limits, therefore, the personal details of clients and prospects are not disclosed and this data is not shared.

Property Tracking

Property Tracking

Property tracking enables your customers to track the selling status of properties on the Internet. They can check to see whether viewing appointments have been booked, brochures sent or phone calls made to various prospective customers. This data is automatically uploaded to the Internet by the FlowFact software.

The customer involved in this tracking process receives a login and password for that homepage. This gives him access to a protected online-area where he can view the activities concerning him.

The property tracking feature is an excellent argument in favour of sole marketing rights and  to justify the commission fee. With property tracking the time spent is documented transparently and allows the client to keep up -to- date by checking regularly.

Marketing budgets and reports

Marketing budgets and reports

The integrated marketing budget plan simplifies the tasks involved in marketing campaigns. It shows you the costs as they incurr and how much of the budget has already been used. You have a permanent overview over the costs and are always able to provide your clients with an up-to-date report.

Marketing budgets and reports




FlowFact provides predefined reports allowing users to display information using the available data. The reports enable you to get an immediate insight into the business activities of your sales, marketing, and service departments. 

Access your office everywhere – anywhere

FlowFact Mobile Sync Service for Smartphones (Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone) and iPad

FlowFact Mobile Sync Service keeps your Real Estate Agent always up-to-date, his clients don’t have to wait for a reply email or call anymore. The service always synchronizes data with the FlowFact CRM Software in the office. It can show the client or customer process and history, which helps your agent in making the correct decisions.