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Satisfied developers count on Flowfact

Benjamin Phillip, Manager, elbcontor GmbH, Real Estate Development said:

“Since we’ve started to use the Property Management Software FlowFact, we felt how much advantages we created. Our daily workflow is now logic, professional and efficient. No matter which task we have to perform - appointments, making offers, or even just write emails, FlowFact supports and guides our agents step by step. Even bills, reports and statistics are easy to create and very useful .

I could optimize tasks and processes, which usually take a lot of time and effort, such as sending updates, christmas cards or reminders to customers and clients. I recommend FlowFact to any real estate agency or property developer, no matter of small or already big size, because the advantages in saving time and effort by doing the right tasks in the right way are obvious.”

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 Ralf Spielvogel, Licence Development, Porta Mondial AG, Santa Ponsa, Spanien said:

“ Porta Mondial AG is already working with FlowFact Property CRM for many years. We found the perfect web based real-estate software with CRM Integration, which got multi-language interface. Our franchise partners use this software as well and can customize them as they need - FlowFact CRM is now our center hub for real estate business.”
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Professional Real Estate Agencies work with FlowFact


Thomas Zabel, Managing Director of ZABEL Properties KG, Berlin said:

“ Berlin Capital Investments, the international business partition of Zabel Properties KG, has specialized itself in marketing of premium-properties to private buyers and inverstors. FlowFact supports the marketing process effective, starting from acquiring new customers to finalizing contracts. The adjustable synchronization between software and our website and the multi-language functions are very helpful. Inquiries from different countries in different languages are now very fast and easy to process and we can provide exact the same high service standard to all of our international clients.”

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Remark: Berlin Capital Investments is again a winner of the 2010 European Property Awards in the categories ‘Best Real Estate Agency Germany' and ‘Best Real Estate Agency Website Germany' - Congratulations from FlowFact!



Heike Floeth, Real Estate Agent of the german Andresen Real Estate company, Blunk said:

“ Your support is great, thank you, I have learned how to use FlowFact and I won’t miss it in my daily work anymore. I can already use all common and not common tasks and functions, your guidelines and instructions are quite good. The news and updates are great too, I always refresh my knowledge and find some interesting tips to use, I can say that FlowFact is supporting my job as real estate agent perfectly and as exactly as I want.”



FlowFact supports every kind of business


Stefan Sieger, Expert in Property Evaluation of ERA, Troisdorf said:

“I’m having fun with FlowFact! It’s perfect in organizing my workflow, it saves time and me and my colleagues always got an overview of tasks and appointments. We especially like to use the function “Client report”, which gives an logic summary of the various marketing activities. Our clients receive a feedback of our services automatically.

This keeps our clients always up-to-date, which gives them a perfect foundation to adjust or improve their marketing strategies. Mutual exchange of informations is important and creates trust and a sustainable cooperation.”

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