FlowFact CRM Asia

Project Development

Why professional developers decide to use FlowFact

FlowFact CRM software supports you to save time and costs by establishing optimized workflows in your organization. The substantial information in your database will allow you to keep personalized communication with a mouse-click.
Identify your most promising prospects and strengthen your customer`s loyalty with focused sales activities and highly qualified service. Improve your analysis by using the acquired information in your database.

Detailed Information

Germany`s market-leading real estate management software is a powerful and customizable solution for SMEs. All activities with landlords, tenants, customers and suppliers will be stored in activity-histories which makes it easy to keep track of phone calls, emails, appointments and documents.

More transparency

In clearly represented structures you can overview the complete process of your project from the start to the end. Even after years, you will be able to easily access the required data. Managing addresses and project data, all correspondence via email, postal letters, facsimile will be so easy. Accessing the data of your customers, all related documents, evaluations and calendar data: Everything will be at your service so that you have a complete overview of the current project or any past projects. This new kind of transparency will enable your employees to serve customers more individually and more competent. Your customer will feel this new level of relationship and strengthen his loyalty.

More advantages

  • Integrated address-, document- and propertymanagement
  • Professional controlling-tools
  • Clearly represented project organization
  • Organization of all contracts and payment plan
  • Communication with customers, vendors and suppliers