FlowFact CRM Asia

Real Estate Agency

Why professional Real Estate Agencies use FlowFact

Using FlowFact, you make sure that you are investing your valuable time into the most promising leads. Integrated features like forecasts, controlling, analysis or reports provide important information helping you make the right decisions. Whether marketing, sales or administration: FlowFact enables you to  networking within your organization to increase productivity and profit and to reduce costs.

Detailed Information

Germany`s market-leading real estate management software is a powerful and customizable solution for SMEs. All activities with landlords, tenants, customers and suppliers will be stored in activity-histories which makes it easy to keep track of phone calls, emails, appointments and documents.

More Information

Make it short!

  • All data of your properties are saved in only ONE database and will be used for different tasks as:
  • Transferring object data and pictures to your own homepage
  • Transferring object data and pictures to compatible real estate internet portals
  • Creating your own print brochures
  • Emailing html brochures
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • You will save lots of time and cost as you won’t have to create everything over and over again. Once you change object data, it will be considered in all related tasks. Do it once only and concentrate on important things!

Success for you and your customers

Your future profit will be assured by a modern address-management, efficient management of your property data, up-to-date communication, working while out of the office, a document management system (DMS), resource planning, sophisticated calendar functions and useful tools for controlling. FlowFact can be easily integrated into existing IT-structures.

FlowFact uses a central database containing all data regarding customers, business partners as well as the pre-sales , construction and after-sales phase of a property and property management. By using this central database, all  employees of your organization will be able to access the data (depending on user-rights) and provide a quick and highly qualified service.

Say good-bye to "Post-it"s

Everybody knows these sticky notes. After a while,  your desk and computer-screen is covered with them. Is it cute? Maybe. Is it helpful? Not at all!

FlowFact provides a central database, with which every employee can access all information in your company(depending on user-rights). No search for notes, no time-wasting search for documents and not thinking where else you have to update your data. FlowFact will speed up your work and improve the efficiency