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Your future of mobile working
mobile working is becoming a major topic as time is running. Sometimes, we are out of the office for hours, sometimes for days.

Accessing all required data of customers, properties, emails and attached documents, to-dos and calendar...
These are the tasks that we wish to be provided when we are out of the office.

FlowFact offers a range of Apps for different devices. In this series, we introduce some functions for the popular iPad/iPad2.

Apps for other devices such as iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android are available as well. For more info, please ask us.


In general, the FlowFact App for iPad offers 8 segments:


  • Contacts

  • Activities

  • Calendar

  • Emails

  • To-Do-List

  • Attachments of activities

  • Property functions

  • Search functions


This is the first part of a series and we will introduce the possibility to use your Contacts and Activity history


When you are away on business your iPad syncronizes itself automatically with your contacts in the office. As soon a contact is added, you will be able to access it.
You have direct access to your contacts with details like postal address, phone numbers and email-addresses. A picture can be stored with each entry.
You want to edit one entry? Here we go: Change the details and save it. As it will be syncronized with your office, it will be updated for all other users.
You even can save certain distribution lists.


Activity history

We all have thousands of different things to remember. Do we always remember the latest email conversation? What was the latest phone call of a coworker with a certain contact?
All activities like phone calls, emails, appointments, letters (and many more) are accessible with the FlowFact App for iPad in an activity history.
On the way to an appointment? Simply check the latest activities and be well-prepared.
Or do you want to check a Word-document or Excel-sheet? All attachments are accessible in your FlowFact App.

This new way of working will bring a new experience to your working style and improve efficiency and service quality!


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